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Gina’s Testimonial:

It has been 40 days since I joined the Yogini Project to finally change my health from the Inside out. During these 40 days i followed a Yoga strength training program with meditation and a vegan diet. I also cut out all Television for 40 days. Before I joined the Yogini Program I suffered from depression, stress, back pain(from a back spasm), wrist pain (from multiple fractures), headaches, insomnia, emotional eating and drinking too much. I was overweight and unhappy. I had family problems and tried resolving them with alcohol. I was disconnected with my own life. As soon as i started the Yogini program i began to notice changes in my sleep, attitude and body. Every morning I would meditate and focus on”Faith”. At first it was difficult to stop my racing thoughts but with consistency I found my love, passion, faith and strength through being still, and centered. I began being grateful about what I did have instead of what I didn’t. I began connecting with my body, mind, family, friends, animals, thoughts, life. I slowly began to drop away everything that caused negativity. I no longer felt the need to dwell on things that would upset or anger me. I no longer gave energy to negative thoughts, and I no longer emotionally eat or drink alcohol to block out my sadness. I began spending time with people who only brought me happiness.
Because of the Yogini Program I am physically and mentally strong. I am no longer depressed, i have no back pain, I have no wrist pain, I sleep 8 hours a night easily, I am full of energy, and cut out junk food and obtained a healthy vegan lifestyle. My relationships are stronger and I’ve attracted many blessings. I have lost over 15 pounds and gained muscle. I feel confident and connected. I am a changed woman. Thank you Molly Basler, for being an inspiring and supportive coach. Thank you for inviting me to open my eyes to infinite possibilities. This is just the beginning of my new life. I now look out into the world through the lens of a believer. Thank you:)



June 21-june25 journal entries

Friday June 21
Ate oatmeal with blueberries and nuts after my work in and work out. Spent time with brother, and showed him “mountain pose” and we put our arms up together. He said he liked it and felt his mind “light and clear”. He looks forward to working in and out with me soon. Today I was aware of the peace at my home. In the begin inning of the Yogini Program I lived in a very loud home filled with alcohol and arguments. I now realized my father stopped drinking. Through the chaos I still meditated and focused on faith and peace, but now I notice I have peace at home now.

Saturday June 22
Put my arms up for 2 minutes. Worked in /worked out in the morning for 45 minutes. Prepared vegan dishes with lentils, veggies, and fruit. Met up with the Yogini Group! Missed the girls! We have all grown and improved in our Yogini Journey. Molly and I noticed how far I’ve come. Looking at my before picture, I’ve noticed I look happier, slimmer, and healthy now.

Sunday June 23
Put my arms up and breathed. After working in/Out I spent time with my friends and went to Church. My glow is evident with my friends. They all notice a difference in me. My smile is brighter, my chi is illuminant, and my body is healthy. Compliments all around today. Had a rest day at Church. Always incorporate my mantra “Faith” with my prayers. Visualize my goals as if I already am blessed with them now. I had just noticed that I have no back pain anymore. When I started the Yogini program I suffered from a back spasm 2 weeks earlier and couldn’t walk properly for days. Due to meditation, yoga, strength training and inspiration from my teacher Molly Blaser I have fully recovered from my back spasm and have no back pain! I’m blessed. Soon, i came home and ate a squash, kale salad with black beans. Meditated before bed and slept well.

Monday June 24
Worked in and out with a long 10 minute meditation. Was excited to see my Yogini Group of beautiful gals! Did some extra cardio with them today! After that Molly Basler and I walked her dogs and put in some extra exercise. I began talking to her about my animals and how I’ve rescued most of them as well. Since the Yogini Project Program, I have become Vegan and do not miss meat at all. I feel happier not eating meat. I love animals too much. I use to eat meat and be disconnected to what really happens to the animals people eat. I now am connected with people, nature, animals, family, and God.

Tuesday June 25th
Woke up at 6am and put my arms up for 2 minutes. Worked in and out and sweated a lot. Been drinking lots of water. Today I had my first Math test. Haven’t received my grade yet but I feel confident. I focused on my mantra “Faith” before the exam and was stress-free. I took the test with ease because I knew I was going to pass. Today also did some extra strength training activities with my Health professor. After that, I went to Church and learned several daily lessons in life. Today’s lesson was to “soften a hard heart” Everyone has gone through challenges and misfortunes in life, which has caused us to put walls up and harden our heart. But, we are sensitive beings and our hearts are meant to be open. We must trust ourselves and have faith in life to bring these walls down. I myself, have slowly brought down my walls because of being afraid of rejection or failure. My heart is softening and at times when I meditate I find my self smiling or even crying. It isn’t healthy to keep things bottled up and I learned it is okay to let it all out. In order to do that we must have faith and try and leave all our problems in the hands of the universe.



Thursday Jun 13-Jun 20 Journal entries

Thursday June 13
Woke up feeling tired , but felt refreshed soon after putting my arms in the air. Meditated and worked out and always have energy the rest of the day. Made, Molly Baslers delicious Tofu scramble with kale for breakfast with Orange Juice. 🙂 I put my arms up in the air more than 3 times today because it is such an empowering pose. Anywhere from my room, to in the shower,to outside in the sun. It is called “Mountain Pose” for a reason. I feel bigger than ever when I do this! i also accompanied my friend to Church tonight. Prayed and felt the incredible energy of a group of people who uplift and provide family strength to one another. When praying, there is this incredible silence and stillness of everyone. How connected we are. I am connected. I’ve also begun to meditate before bed as well. My mind is cleared. Every time I close my eyes now, “faith” is what I see.

Friday June 14
Finished my daily Yogini work in and out. Went to the beach today with my friends, to do some extra cardio in the sun. Lovely day. Packed some vegan lunches and enjoyed the weather. Since being in this Yogini Project I’ve realized the importance of positive every. I am aware and choose wisely who to spend time with. Before the program, I would wrap myself with alcohol and unnecessary drama about “boys”. I would hang out with the wrong crowd of people who bagged on their stress and made my stress worse. Ever since I began going out with people who only brought smiles to my life, I’ve noticed that I am not depressed anymore. I am sober and because I remain positive, I attract positivity.

Saturday: June 15
Worked in and out in the morning, put my arms up in the air and gave a list of things I am grateful for. Today I met up with my Yogini Group at 3pm! Incredible butt workout. Thank you Molly Basler, for helping me understand meditation and always kicking my butt in the workouts! Ive been experimenting with homemade vegan meals and have shared several recipes such as the Yogini Veggie Soup and the Yogini Power Salad. Since I’ve been Vegan, my meals have been colorful and healthy. So many flavors and options. I’ve become my own vegan chef. Going to bed soon, Good night!

Sunday June 16
Woke up with a sore butt. It looks great though! Finished work in and work out. I feel energized and at peace. I’m a better person. I don’t complain of what I don’t have and have been grateful of what I do have. I thank my parents every day for what they have done for me and consider everything a blessing. I have Faith in prosperity. Meditating has become one of my favorite thing to do. After meditating I focus on every word and thought that I pour out to the universe. What I give is what I get back. And I give love. My diet has been going well, I still satisfy sugar cravings at times (cookies, a glass of wine)but do not feel guilty or stressed about it. Feeling stress if you eat a bit of sweets is unnecessary. It just causes more stress and may lead to over eating. Before the Yogini project, i use to be an emotional eater. I stopped over eating when angry or upset because I do not find myself angry or upset anymore. I’ve been positive and I’m happy because I have Faith.

Monday June 17
Woke up at 6am to do my yogini workin/workout. I’ve realized that my wrists do not hurt anymore. In the beginning if the Yogini Program I could not hold a plank for long because of my weak wrist. I’ve fractured my wrist several times but now, I even forgot that I had pain in the first place. I am a lot stronger. Today was my first day of Summer school! Added a Math and Health class. My teachers are fortunately very warm and welcoming. Met up with friends and am ready to start a new semester.

Tuesday June 18
Early work in/work out. Put my arms arms up and thanked the heavens to be alive. Am pumped up for school. Today I realized the positive energy my math teacher expels in class. He starts his day by saying “it is such a beautiful life” and “I am happy to be with you all” and ” I love Life”. I am astonished to know that everything I experience, I attracted. I have attracted positive teachers. Today attended my Yogini Work in/ work out at 6pm. Although I know the work in and work out by heart, I am always learning new things with Molly Basler. She’s an incredible teacher. Today we did push ups in our routine, which I couldn’t do in the beginning of the program. She always says “you can do anything@ , “it is all in the mind”. I did 8 proper push-ups. I am proud of what I have accomplished. Had a lovely night.

Wednesday June 19
Put my arms in the air, started my morning with a work in work out. Went to school and was approached by the chairman of the Theatre Academy i attend. I was heading towards my math class until he saw me and told me that i have been nominated to receive a Theatre scholarship for the Fall 2013 ! Blessings have been constantly coming my way. The universe is answering my wishes. I understand now, the more love we give to the universe, the brighter our future.

Thursday June 20th
Good morning! worked in and out. Had a long 10 minute meditation. The longer i I meditate the more I can focus throughout the day. Today I had my first Health quiz and I passed with an “A.” Came home and was surprised that my brother came back home from Texas! He just finished his 3 years of the Army. When one good thing comes your way, more blessing keep in coming! Spent the rest of the day with family. Focused on my mantra”Faith” and vision board before bed. I know my dreams will come true. They have already begun to manifest.

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Mixed Greens: Kale,spinach,cabbage
Balsamic Vinegar
Olive Oil
Yellow Squash
Sweet Red Pepper Sauce
Garlic Salt
Cayenne Pepper
Pinto Beans

Chop up the kale,spinach, cabbage,zucchini and yellow squash and place in a large bowl. Toss with balsamic vinegar and olive oil.
Take the pinto beans and place in a small bowl ( you can use canned pinto beans or boil and brew ) mix in the red pepper sauce with a dash of cayenne pepper and a teaspoon of garlic salt. Mix it all up and garnish on top of the chopped veggies and you are ready to go!

You can add a variety of veggies to this salad and you can use lentils instead of pinto beans.
Get healthy! Go vegan!

This fantastic “mix-it-up” veggie salad. was created by YOGINI GINA who has become a healthy happy vegan since participating in THE YOGINI PROJECT : Weight loss,Higher Consciousness Program.



Hi everyone,

Hope you woke up feeling blessed today. Unfortunately, leaving work yesterday I got into a car accident. Instead of getting upset or freaking out, I kept my cool and thanked god that no one was hurt. I kept my energy focused on my mantra that everything was going to be ok. For an accident, the process went pretty smoothly. I got home I meditated with my gratitude rocks and peacefully went to sleep. I had some anxiety dreams and woke up feeling fairly energized, considering. Normally I flip the news on in the morning, but instead I put on some mellow tunes from a Pandora station. I went into my power pose as I form of acceptance and gratitude. I am grateful for and new day and grateful to be safe, well, and alive. I spent about 20 minutes on the routine and headed to work, very cognizant of my surroundings.





I’m noticing how important the mantra word is to my workout. In the past I would do a workout routine, but in the back of my mind was the idea to just get through it as quickly as possible so I could go do something else. Since I’m focusing on my word now – the quality that I’m bringing into my psyche – it’s really changing my approach. Time seems to pass more quickly, and the feeling that I’m doing something that really makes a difference lasts all day.


The source of all ABUNDANCE IS NOT outside of you. It is part of who you are. However,start by acknowledging and recognizing ABUNDANCE without. SEE THE FULLNESS OF LIFE ALL AROUND YOU! The warmth of the sun on your skin, the display of magnificent flowers outside a florist’s shop, biting into a succulent fruit, or getting soaked in an ABUNDANCE of water falling from the sky. The fullness of life is there at every step. The acknowledgment of that ABUNDANCE that is all around you awakens the dormant abundance within. Then let it flow out! (Eckhart Tolle)

Awakening to all the ABUNDANCE that is in your own front yard………image-7