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photo-17I went to the screening of the documentary: GENERATION IRON. In the above photo I am with Kai Greene one of the main men in the documentary. He was in second place for the Mr. Olympia title. Now,does he look in better shape than me? Me with my yoga body,he with his body builder body?

The documentary  was fantastic!!! It is about body building,the quest for greatness,big muscles, lots of money and particularly focuses on the Mr. Olympia contest, which is the loftiest title one can achieve in the body building world. Mr. Olympia, every body builders dream is to reign for one year,or more, and get the adulation of his peers and the world, mucho money and endorsements of sponsors that give him all that he need, and all that he needs never seems to be enough. When is big too big? How far do these men have to go to prove themselves and others that they are enough? Each year the muscles get bigger. The workouts more extreme. The competition gets greater which means that these competitors will go to any lengths to win…..how far is too far?

One of the questions that comes up in the documentary: is body building a sport or a freak show? Is it just ego and men gone mad becoming obsessed with their muscles and forgetting their health and well being.  Which brings us to another question: Is it healthy to build your body up to such an extreme level?  ( Or shall I say, blow it up, to such a level ) These guys do anything and everything to build their bodies up so they can win the Mr. Olympia title. Is it worth it?

As a health and fitness expert this is my humble opinion: I do not think that body building is a sport. It is a spectacle but then again,most sports today are spectacles……so, it’s more like a beauty pageant, with a little bit freak show thrown in, and the one with all the specific attributes wins.  I am not sure what you would call that but it is definitely not a sporting event.

Is health and wellness being depicted in this pageant of puffed up muscle mass? I must say a big NO on this question. I think it is very unhealthy to push the body to such extremes and using artificial means to do so. When your workout is unnatural and you are going against the natural order of your skeletal, muscle alignment, damage is going to be done and big time damage to the beautiful human heart,which by the way is one of the smallest muscles ( as big as a fist ) in our body. The heart takes on a heavy load when carrying around a body that is too big for its’ own good………..

When is enough,enough? Be balanced in mind and body. Be love. Be peace. Be power………


Get your yogini on!!!




The JOY of being, which is the only true happiness, cannot come to you through any form, possession, achievement, person, or event—–through anything that happens. That JOY cannot ” come ” to you——-EVER. It emanates from the formless dimension within you, from consciousness itself and thus is one with who you are. ( Eckhart Tolle )

The JOY is in you!!!! It is part of who we are! It is our birthright and it is just waiting for us to tap in to “it” and bring “it” forth in to the world!
The JOY of the world! JOY to the world!
Bring your JOY to the world and make the world a better place…..
We all have felt that JOY at one time or another. Especially when we were children and young, because we were untainted by the messages of the world that brain wash us about what is suppose to bring us JOY. As Mr. Tolle states: it is NOT possessions, or events or “things” that bring us JOY, it is a feeling within that gets awakened just by being alive and conscious of that life force……being present to the Presence is the
I feel that JOY a lot. Waking up in the early morning with my dogs all around me,the early morning stillness,my time in prayer and meditation,feeling the sun on my skin, sitting in silence and feeling my inner body……
Awaken to your consciousness and feel that JOY and bring it to the world!



This is the launch of THE YOGINI PROJECT : WEIGHT LOSS,HIGHER CONSCIOUSNESS AND EMPOWERMENT. We had our first Yogini Project gathering on Saturday May 18 at 3:00p.m. in Beverly Hills.There were 3 of us. There were suppose to be 8 but it is amazing how people begin to flake when “things” are just about to happen!
I interviewed 8 women who responded from an ad I placed on craigs list. All of them were sincere and really wanted to participate in the program but as May 18 came closer,they began dropping like flies.
I changed. The women who are committed to The Yogini Project 40 day Program will change. They are committed and excited and they know that ALL things are possible……..

So,the yoginis are Linda and Gina. Linda wants to get stronger in body and focused in mind. Gina wants to lose weight and get focused in mind and body.
I gave them a workout and work-in that they do at home. We meet 3 times a week for discussion and workout and work-in. They keep in touch with each other and myself via text,phone or email for support and encouragement. They will be keeping journals to document their process.They are to change their eating patterns, and habits. ( I am asking them to attempt to go vegan)  NO television,no reading tabloid trash or fashion magazines. We meditate on a positive affirmation that the yogini chooses and works with for the entire 40 days. The workout is yoga,cardio and strength training with light weights. The work-in is the the meditation.
I teach them to meditate and to focus mind and body in a way that they never thought possible.

For the next 40 days I will be posting all about our journey and the changes that will be made and the goals achieved,
It’s exciting to change and when we change,the world changes……..

Get your yogini on!



I just rode my bike to run some errands instead of taking the car. ( healthy happy choice ) I love riding my bike. It’s always like going on an adventure because I see “things” differently when I am on a bike…… It makes me feel happy and it’s good for me instead of sitting my ass in a car all the time! It’s so FUN to ride a bike and feel the wind in your hair and feel the environment all around you. It’s so much better than a car and you burn and tone and get your cardio going on! Whenever you have a chance to ride your bike rather than taking the car, try and do that. Whenever you have a choice between the stairs and an elevator, take the stairs. Instead of the escalator,take the stairs. Walk. Ride a bike. Get moving. Stay moving. Our bodies where designed to move and if you do not, well, I think you know what happens….? You gain weight, it’s more difficult to move. You don’t feel like moving because it’s difficult. You feel stiff.  You may get depressed and then you don’t feel like doing a damn thing let alone riding around town on a bike ( remember: exercise helps with depression. It’s proven by a study from Harvard. There was an entire piece on 60 minutes about it. It’s posted on my page on FB, if you’re interested….? ) You get lazy…..your muscles shrink and atrophy and your bones get weak and it’s just a big bloody mess! YOU HAVE A CHOICE! Everyday you have a choice to take care of yourself. If you don’t have time,  make time or at least use these tools: walk instead of taking the car. Ride a bike.  Roller blade. Take your dog on a walk.Take the stairs instead of elevators and or escalators ( what a joke ! Stairs that move !? Please,use your legs,heart….use all of you whenever you can….)

And, if you are traveling for the holiday, rent bikes for you and your family and ride all over the neighborhoods and city you are visiting; even if it’s cold bundle up and see the world in an entirely different way.  Whenever I go to a new city,I rent a bike and visit the city. I have ridden a bike all over New York ( Central Park is magnificent ! ), San Francisco, Chicago, Santa Fe, Seattle, Vancouver……That way you also are getting exercise and fresh air instead of just sitting in the car ,visitingImage place to place and eating too much. Exercise will also curb your appetite.

Doing exercise; moving your beautiful body is just a win/win proposition ! Make the time. Try and fit it in to your daily routine. Live your life like it matters and never look back and say: ” I wish I had done that…..I wish I had taken better care of myself…..I wish……”