OMG! It’s the new year and here I am with bigger challenges than I have ever had to get through….through? Over? Around? Under? Whatever word is best to describe getting through challenges, I am trying to do just that.
Actually,I just thought of a great word: OVERCOME! That’s IT! I am attempting to OVERCOME challenges that are monumental and I most have focus,courage and strength in mind, body and spirit to OVERCOME the challenges and I get that from yoga.
I had to move out of my house and rent it out for financial reasons. I have had to move 3 times due to my dogs and various other reasons,all my “stuff” is in my garage,I have financial challenges,my good friend and client has a brain tumor…..money is tight and I don’t have a boyfriend…….
Yesterday when it all felt like the world was caving in one me,I went to my yoga studio and took an amazing class with my favorite teacher. It filled me up. Centered me. Focused me……..I become a spiritual warrior when I practice my practice, I am able to OVERCOME all obstacles,challenges,fears, regrets,a rainy day,bad news……sad news…….



The JOY of being, which is the only true happiness, cannot come to you through any form, possession, achievement, person, or event—–through anything that happens. That JOY cannot ” come ” to you——-EVER. It emanates from the formless dimension within you, from consciousness itself and thus is one with who you are. ( Eckhart Tolle )

The JOY is in you!!!! It is part of who we are! It is our birthright and it is just waiting for us to tap in to “it” and bring “it” forth in to the world!
The JOY of the world! JOY to the world!
Bring your JOY to the world and make the world a better place…..
We all have felt that JOY at one time or another. Especially when we were children and young, because we were untainted by the messages of the world that brain wash us about what is suppose to bring us JOY. As Mr. Tolle states: it is NOT possessions, or events or “things” that bring us JOY, it is a feeling within that gets awakened just by being alive and conscious of that life force……being present to the Presence is the
I feel that JOY a lot. Waking up in the early morning with my dogs all around me,the early morning stillness,my time in prayer and meditation,feeling the sun on my skin, sitting in silence and feeling my inner body……
Awaken to your consciousness and feel that JOY and bring it to the world!



I went out to my car this morning which was parked on a side street in Hollywood. I saw a piece of paper on my windshield. At first glance I thought it was a parking ticket. I thought: Oh no! Please not a ticket!
I walked closer and saw that it was NOT a ticket but a Thanksgiving note from a stranger. This is the note:

What a sweet profound gift that made me so happy and grateful for all that I have…….and what a reminder that  IT IS BETTER TO GIVE THEN TO RECEIVE ……..
Whoever wrote that note and left it on my windshield,gave me so much and I hope I do that for all of you with messages of hope,love,faith,courage,empowerment,joy……..
Just a simple note with a positive message written on it,can change someones day and or their entire life………

Blessings to all and may your day be filled with love and giving……
I hope it’s not about your stomach,but about your heart, that you celebrate Thanksgiving…….


We all age. There is a natural order of the body mechanics that breaks down and creates the “aging process ” but it does not mean that we have to GET OLD and buy in to all the myths our society tells us about aging:  Your over the hill after 40. Oh,I can’t ski anymore,I’m too old. I’m too old to go back to school, it’s too late for me to learn French. After 50 I just don’t have the energy. My metabolism is just not the same…..I can’t seem to get the extra pounds off
What else? What is your excuse,if you have one?
Why is it that some people defy the aging process and look great,feel good and are filled with vitally,and others are sluggish,slow,overweight,have no more zest for life and just quietly fall in to their OLD AGE WAY OF LIFE?
Why do some people morph in to a creature that is unrecogniable when they get older…..? I see them every day walking down the street: shoulders rounded forward creating the hump in the back,20 to 30 pounds over weight,short awkward strides in their gait due to lack of strength and flexibility in their muscles,belly fat hanging over their belt,difficult to breathe and on and on we go slowly fading in to black….

They do this because they think that they do not have a choice but THEY DO. How you think about aging is how you will age.
It is NOT necessary and definitely does not have to be the status quo.
Aging is a process,NOT a way of life!
I have a yoga teacher who is 86 years old. What has she got that others don’t? Nothing. We all are made up of the same matter and we can  either turn our life and our will over to getting older or we reverse the aging process,slow it down with diet, exercise and how you THINK about aging.

Don’t focus on the number. Focus on your LIFE! . Enjoy  a long healthy happy vital fun filled life way past 80.
I will be teaching yoga whan I am 100 years old. I will learn a new langiage. I will learn to play a musical instrument. I will always have a beginners mind and open myself to a brand new exciting world every day.

Be ageless,timeless…..eternal……..

Get your yogini on!



This Yogini Super Spinach Salad is awesome and so healthy and packed with protein! All you need for healthy happy mind,body and spirit.
It’s very easy to make and inexpensive.
Here is the recipe:

One package of organic spinach.
One ripe avocado.
A package of chicken-less strips
Organic Olive Oil
Balsamic Vinegar
Brown rice already made
A can of organic black beans

Heat 3 tablespoons of olive oil in a skillet. When warm place the chicken-less strips in the oil and let saute for a few minutes on each side.
Get a big bowl. Put spinach in bowl.
Cut up avocado and put in bowl with spinach,
Add balsamic vinegar and toss together.
Take the warm chicken-less strips and olive oil and pour on spinach.
Add a bit of salt ( if desired )
Take a few scoops of brown rice and put on top of spinach with a couple scoops of black beans

There you have it! A super Yogini Spinach Salad!

Get your yogini on!



Hello my friends! I have not blogged in a very long time…..please excuse me……it is because I have been STUCK IN GROUNDHOG DAY and now I am unstuck,well,I still have a ways to go but I understand the reason I have to go through what I am going through to create change to get out of my own personal GROUNDHOG DAY.! I have survived the ordeal and am a changed person because of it…..sometimes we have to go through the most difficult challenges,the most painful,emotional,physical,spiritual and or financial situations ( or all of the them ) which is what I have been going through, to kick start ourselves in to changing our ways and thusly our life. Our world changes and a whole new beautiful,bountiful world comes in to play…….just like in the movie: GOUNDHOG DAY……
If you have not seen it,please check it out,it has such a great message,especially if you are stuck in a life that you are NOT HAPPY with! Stuck in patterns that do not serve you and the people around you. Stuck in the sameness of every day and slowly all passion and color are gone from your world and you live in a mundane depressed state and every day is GROUNDHOG DAY,your own personal GROUNDHOG DAY…….
Just like me!
I have been stuck for years in my life with patterns that do not serve me,actually harm me: EXAMPLE: I have abundance,every thing is working out and then I have NOTHING! It’s up and down and all around and I cannot stand IT! Completely out-of-balance. Extreme circunstances that I create with my old operting system ( old ideas of myself and the world around me and the people in it ).
It’s the same thing day in and day out! It’s GROUNDHOG DAY!
In the movie Bill Murray plays Phil Connors an arrogant and egocentric Pittsburgh TV weatherman who is just a vile human being and no one likes him and he really doesn’t like his life or anyone in it. Consequently, he gets stuck in the same day over and over again until he changes the patterns in  how he treats others, and he begins to love life and all that are in it! When he changes,he becomes FREE of the same day over and over. He gets out of GROUNDHOG DAY , his own personal Hell,and in to the wonder of love for the people in his life and the world around him……
It is just another example that when we change ourselves and share that change with the world and all the people in it,EVERYTHING CHANGES and everything is new again………