The only way to create change is by getting OUT OF YOUR COMFORT ZONE. You will not change while sitting idle on the couch,eating too much junk food,smoking,drinking,not working out, watching too much television,too much face book, staying in a bad relationship.remaining over weight because you just don’t know where to begin…..on and on we go…..whatever your comfort zone is,if you want change,GET OUT!

My comfort zone was RELATIONSHIPS. Romantic relationships where I allowed the male to do everything because it felt safe to be taken care of by a strong male. I felt safe, COMFORTABLE, until I realized I was actually being controlled ! ( but that’s an entirely different blog )

I’m not saying that relationships are BAD, just be aware of why you are in one? And with who? And why do you stay if it’s not working anymore? Usually it’s because people are COMFORTABLE and afraid they will not meet someone else.

It’s all about FEAR! Making changes,getting out of your comfort zone can be scary!!!!

What I am  expressing is: we need to get out in to the unknown and get over our fears and face the UNCOMFORTABLE to create change in our lives,our bodies,our minds, our world,our community……GET OUT OF YOUR COMFORT ZONE.

Do you think Christopher Columbus was comfortable setting sail in to the unknown to go and discover the new world? Do you think Moses was comfortable wandering around in the desert for years seeking “the truth”? People who run marathons? LOsing weight and shedding the parts of yourself to reveal the true you ?

What’s your comfort zone? Begin to challenge yourself with the things in your life that keep you complacent because you are afraid to make changes…… afraid and do “it” any way……

If you want your life to change,you must be the one to change. Yes,  most the time it is scary,  but when we come out the other side and have reached,whatever goal we wanted to reach,or made the change we wanted to make , there is nothing better than that!!!


Get your yogini on! Come out of the dark and into the light! Get your bikini on and jump in to the water…….the sea of possibility!!!




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