SMOKE. I used to drink. I used to smoke and drink at the same time. I used to shop too much. I used to eat meat. I used to eat junk food. I used to drink SOFT DRINKS. I used to exercise too much.  I used to party too much. I used to be really stressed out. I used to be unhappy. I used to feel afraid. I used to  take ambian to put myself to sleep. I used to be unconscious and in pain,emotional pain,spiritual pain,feeling disconnected with myself and the people around me.
For along time I didn’t even know I was in pain because I was so numbed out from all the things ” I used to do” and I would remain disconnected
and unconscious for along time. Then I FINALLY just got so tired of my life not working out,: jobs ending,relationships ending,having no purpose, I was just a toxic waste land searching for the light and I was willing to try anything ( I had gone to therapy for years and that did not work,for me) and a friend of mine told me about a meditation workshop that was going to begin and I signed up!   It was taught by  Siri Sat Nam and thus began my inner journey and my entire life changed.

I began to study meditation and then I was introduced to yoga and I knew,deep in my soul,that I had finally found my purpose and life’s work: to teach yoga/meditation and help bring wellness to the world.

When I began yoga and meditation all my ” I USE TO” list went away. My bad habits were swallowed up by the stillness of the practice……GOD is so much more powerful than we are…..in the stillness is where God lives and when we meditate and yoga ,we live there too……..

What bad habits are you a slave to? What bad habits are holding you back?

What is your list of things that get in the way of your life really being fulfilled and you being truly happy? Make the bad habits go away and make them: I USEd TO…………..



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