I just rode my bike to run some errands instead of taking the car. ( healthy happy choice ) I love riding my bike. It’s always like going on an adventure because I see “things” differently when I am on a bike…… It makes me feel happy and it’s good for me instead of sitting my ass in a car all the time! It’s so FUN to ride a bike and feel the wind in your hair and feel the environment all around you. It’s so much better than a car and you burn and tone and get your cardio going on! Whenever you have a chance to ride your bike rather than taking the car, try and do that. Whenever you have a choice between the stairs and an elevator, take the stairs. Instead of the escalator,take the stairs. Walk. Ride a bike. Get moving. Stay moving. Our bodies where designed to move and if you do not, well, I think you know what happens….? You gain weight, it’s more difficult to move. You don’t feel like moving because it’s difficult. You feel stiff.  You may get depressed and then you don’t feel like doing a damn thing let alone riding around town on a bike ( remember: exercise helps with depression. It’s proven by a study from Harvard. There was an entire piece on 60 minutes about it. It’s posted on my page on FB, if you’re interested….? ) You get lazy…..your muscles shrink and atrophy and your bones get weak and it’s just a big bloody mess! YOU HAVE A CHOICE! Everyday you have a choice to take care of yourself. If you don’t have time,  make time or at least use these tools: walk instead of taking the car. Ride a bike.  Roller blade. Take your dog on a walk.Take the stairs instead of elevators and or escalators ( what a joke ! Stairs that move !? Please,use your legs,heart….use all of you whenever you can….)

And, if you are traveling for the holiday, rent bikes for you and your family and ride all over the neighborhoods and city you are visiting; even if it’s cold bundle up and see the world in an entirely different way.  Whenever I go to a new city,I rent a bike and visit the city. I have ridden a bike all over New York ( Central Park is magnificent ! ), San Francisco, Chicago, Santa Fe, Seattle, Vancouver……That way you also are getting exercise and fresh air instead of just sitting in the car ,visitingImage place to place and eating too much. Exercise will also curb your appetite.

Doing exercise; moving your beautiful body is just a win/win proposition ! Make the time. Try and fit it in to your daily routine. Live your life like it matters and never look back and say: ” I wish I had done that…..I wish I had taken better care of myself…..I wish……”


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