I knew this young woman who was beautiful with a gorgeous body that she worked out ALL the time. She had a perfect body. She had no fat on her body. She prided herself about her outsides and thrived on the attention she got from being HOT! She had money. She drove a nice car. She lived in Brentwood. She had a face book page that expressed joy,optimism,happiness. She had over one thousand friends on face book………..

From the outside most people would have thought she had “it” all…….

She was found dead on the bathroom floor of her friends house. She died from a drug overdose…..she died alone on a cold tile floor……

You never know what is going on with  someone just because they look good and act like they have their shit together…….

Enhance your spiritual life…… Your life may depend on it…………


The only way to create change is by getting OUT OF YOUR COMFORT ZONE. You will not change while sitting idle on the couch,eating too much junk food,smoking,drinking,not working out, watching too much television,too much face book, staying in a bad relationship.remaining over weight because you just don’t know where to begin…..on and on we go…..whatever your comfort zone is,if you want change,GET OUT!

My comfort zone was RELATIONSHIPS. Romantic relationships where I allowed the male to do everything because it felt safe to be taken care of by a strong male. I felt safe, COMFORTABLE, until I realized I was actually being controlled ! ( but that’s an entirely different blog )

I’m not saying that relationships are BAD, just be aware of why you are in one? And with who? And why do you stay if it’s not working anymore? Usually it’s because people are COMFORTABLE and afraid they will not meet someone else.

It’s all about FEAR! Making changes,getting out of your comfort zone can be scary!!!!

What I am  expressing is: we need to get out in to the unknown and get over our fears and face the UNCOMFORTABLE to create change in our lives,our bodies,our minds, our world,our community……GET OUT OF YOUR COMFORT ZONE.

Do you think Christopher Columbus was comfortable setting sail in to the unknown to go and discover the new world? Do you think Moses was comfortable wandering around in the desert for years seeking “the truth”? People who run marathons? LOsing weight and shedding the parts of yourself to reveal the true you ?

What’s your comfort zone? Begin to challenge yourself with the things in your life that keep you complacent because you are afraid to make changes……..be afraid and do “it” any way……

If you want your life to change,you must be the one to change. Yes,  most the time it is scary,  but when we come out the other side and have reached,whatever goal we wanted to reach,or made the change we wanted to make , there is nothing better than that!!!


Get your yogini on! Come out of the dark and into the light! Get your bikini on and jump in to the water…….the sea of possibility!!!




I know the only way to enlightenment is to help others awaken. That is why I teach yoga/meditation/wellness.


My vows::



1. There are numerous sentient beings on the planet. I VOW TO HELP  THEM ALL  AWAKEN.

2. My imperfections are inexhaustible. I VOW TO OVERCOME THEM ALL.

3. The Dharma is unknowable. I VOW TO KNOW IT.

4. The way of awakening is unattainable. I VOW TO ATTAIN IT.

Any one want to join me  ?















photo-17I went to the screening of the documentary: GENERATION IRON. In the above photo I am with Kai Greene one of the main men in the documentary. He was in second place for the Mr. Olympia title. Now,does he look in better shape than me? Me with my yoga body,he with his body builder body?

The documentary  was fantastic!!! It is about body building,the quest for greatness,big muscles, lots of money and particularly focuses on the Mr. Olympia contest, which is the loftiest title one can achieve in the body building world. Mr. Olympia, every body builders dream is to reign for one year,or more, and get the adulation of his peers and the world, mucho money and endorsements of sponsors that give him all that he need, and all that he needs never seems to be enough. When is big too big? How far do these men have to go to prove themselves and others that they are enough? Each year the muscles get bigger. The workouts more extreme. The competition gets greater which means that these competitors will go to any lengths to win…..how far is too far?

One of the questions that comes up in the documentary: is body building a sport or a freak show? Is it just ego and men gone mad becoming obsessed with their muscles and forgetting their health and well being.  Which brings us to another question: Is it healthy to build your body up to such an extreme level?  ( Or shall I say, blow it up, to such a level ) These guys do anything and everything to build their bodies up so they can win the Mr. Olympia title. Is it worth it?

As a health and fitness expert this is my humble opinion: I do not think that body building is a sport. It is a spectacle but then again,most sports today are spectacles……so, it’s more like a beauty pageant, with a little bit freak show thrown in, and the one with all the specific attributes wins.  I am not sure what you would call that but it is definitely not a sporting event.

Is health and wellness being depicted in this pageant of puffed up muscle mass? I must say a big NO on this question. I think it is very unhealthy to push the body to such extremes and using artificial means to do so. When your workout is unnatural and you are going against the natural order of your skeletal, muscle alignment, damage is going to be done and big time damage to the beautiful human heart,which by the way is one of the smallest muscles ( as big as a fist ) in our body. The heart takes on a heavy load when carrying around a body that is too big for its’ own good………..

When is enough,enough? Be balanced in mind and body. Be love. Be peace. Be power………


Get your yogini on!!!



insideOut fitness/wellness: because looking good just isn’t enough…….oh yeah!!!

I used to think that being healthy and fit was about having a strong lean body. I used to think that the outside of me was the important attribute to mold, shape and realign. I thought that if I was in good shape and if I looked good, I would feel good. But I learned from my own personal experience and after years of being a workout fanatic that health, fitness and over all well being includes the inside of me as much as the outside of me. If I do not have both in shape, if one doesn’t match the other, then there is a big piece of the puzzle that is missing. It’s like having a house that looks great on the outside but when you go inside it is filled with clutter, the floor boards are out of alignment,  the windows are broken, and the toilet won’t flush…..get the picture….?

Now don’t get me wrong, it is healthy to have a fit, strong, lean body. It’s wonderful to look good and fit into a great looking pair of jeans “ just right”  but health and being fit goes so much deeper than that.  A key component is: how I feel about myself?  Do I like myself? Am I happy? Do I sleep well? Am I content? Am I stressed out and do I have time to take care of myself? Am I nice to people? Are my thoughts positive?

For many years I worked out for 6 hours a day. I was in perfect shape and I looked good on the out side.I was a model and an actress, but I did not feel good on the inside. I couldn’t answer yes to any of the questions above.  I smoked too much. I was stressed all the time. I was completely neurotic about my body and shopped too much, yet everyone, including myself, thought that I was healthy because I looked “good” and nothing was further from the truth. I was that house that I wrote about in the beginning of my story…..

I didn’t know what to do to feel better and then I meet a woman who was beautiful, happy and free from debilitating habits. She was a success in all areas of her life and she became my mentor. She told me about a book that changed her life and it just might change mine: THE POWER OF INTENTION by Doctor Wayne Dyer. Thus began my journey of the WORK-IN.

I read the book and followed the instruction of Dr. Dyer and it literally did turn everything INsideOut for me. I began to use my mind as a vehicle to enhance my inner body. I started with positive thought and reached for higher consciousness through meditation and yoga.

After “working in”, I began to feel good on the inside. I quit smoking and drinking. I found a calm center. I don’t shop too much anymore. I changed my entire eating habits and dropped weight while working out less.  I have found balance of body and mind. I really believe that looking good just isn’t enough. I need to feel good about who I am and walk through the world with ease and grace. As I love myself, I will love the world around me.

The “work-in” is what truly changed my life and continues to do so on a daily bases.



OMG! It’s the new year and here I am with bigger challenges than I have ever had to get through….through? Over? Around? Under? Whatever word is best to describe getting through challenges, I am trying to do just that.
Actually,I just thought of a great word: OVERCOME! That’s IT! I am attempting to OVERCOME challenges that are monumental and I most have focus,courage and strength in mind, body and spirit to OVERCOME the challenges and I get that from yoga.
I had to move out of my house and rent it out for financial reasons. I have had to move 3 times due to my dogs and various other reasons,all my “stuff” is in my garage,I have financial challenges,my good friend and client has a brain tumor…..money is tight and I don’t have a boyfriend…….
Yesterday when it all felt like the world was caving in one me,I went to my yoga studio and took an amazing class with my favorite teacher. It filled me up. Centered me. Focused me……..I become a spiritual warrior when I practice my practice, I am able to OVERCOME all obstacles,challenges,fears, regrets,a rainy day,bad news……sad news…….


The JOY of being, which is the only true happiness, cannot come to you through any form, possession, achievement, person, or event—–through anything that happens. That JOY cannot ” come ” to you——-EVER. It emanates from the formless dimension within you, from consciousness itself and thus is one with who you are. ( Eckhart Tolle )

The JOY is in you!!!! It is part of who we are! It is our birthright and it is just waiting for us to tap in to “it” and bring “it” forth in to the world!
The JOY of the world! JOY to the world!
Bring your JOY to the world and make the world a better place…..
We all have felt that JOY at one time or another. Especially when we were children and young, because we were untainted by the messages of the world that brain wash us about what is suppose to bring us JOY. As Mr. Tolle states: it is NOT possessions, or events or “things” that bring us JOY, it is a feeling within that gets awakened just by being alive and conscious of that life force……being present to the Presence is the
I feel that JOY a lot. Waking up in the early morning with my dogs all around me,the early morning stillness,my time in prayer and meditation,feeling the sun on my skin, sitting in silence and feeling my inner body……
Awaken to your consciousness and feel that JOY and bring it to the world!



I went out to my car this morning which was parked on a side street in Hollywood. I saw a piece of paper on my windshield. At first glance I thought it was a parking ticket. I thought: Oh no! Please not a ticket!
I walked closer and saw that it was NOT a ticket but a Thanksgiving note from a stranger. This is the note:

What a sweet profound gift that made me so happy and grateful for all that I have…….and what a reminder that  IT IS BETTER TO GIVE THEN TO RECEIVE ……..
Whoever wrote that note and left it on my windshield,gave me so much and I hope I do that for all of you with messages of hope,love,faith,courage,empowerment,joy……..
Just a simple note with a positive message written on it,can change someones day and or their entire life………

Blessings to all and may your day be filled with love and giving……
I hope it’s not about your stomach,but about your heart, that you celebrate Thanksgiving…….